101 Ways to Praise Students

That's Incredible * How Extraordinary * Far Out

Outstanding * I Can't Get Over It * Great

Amazing Effort * Unbelievable Work * Wonderful

Marvelous * Phenomenal * You've Got It

Superb * Cool * Excellent * You're Special

Out Of Sight * First Rate * You've Outdone Yourself

Way To Go * Thumbs Up * You're The Best

You Came Through * Terrific * You Tried Hard

Your Help Counts * You Made It Happen

It Couldn't Be Better * Fantastic Work

You're a Real Trooper * Fabulous * Bravo

Exceptional * You're Unique * Awesome

Breathtaking * The Time You Put In Really Shows

You're A Great Example For Others

Keep Up The Good Work * I Knew You Had It In You

Dynamite * It's Everything I Hoped For

You Should Be Proud Of Yourself * What An Imagination

You Made The Difference * Stupendous

You're Sensational * Very Good * A+ Work * Super Job

Good For You * Take A Bow * Nice Going * Well Done

Class Act * You're Inspiring * How Artistic

Hooray For You * You're A Joy * How Thoughtful Of You

You're Amazing * You Go The Extra Mile

What A Great Idea * You Deserve A Hug

Extra Special Work * You're Appreciated * Thoughtful

You're Tops * Great Role Model * You're Neat

You've Got What It Takes * You're #1

You're A Shining Star * Outstanding * Wow

Remarkable * Beautiful * You've Got Know How

Very Impressive * You're Sharp * You're A Winner

Hot Dog * Spectacular Work * You're So Kind

Hard Worker * Totally Involved * Thanks For Helping

Great Discovery * You've Earned My Respect

Thanks For Caring * You're A-Okay * Congratulations

How Original * You're A Champ

You're A Pleasure To Know * Very Brave

What A Genius * You're Very Talented

You're The Greatest * You're Super * You're On Target

If you don't like any of these words,

try these three simple words...



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