New Skills for New Europeans

Women now account for over half of Europe’s immigrants. They face many challenges including higher unemployment and are often clustered in less-skilled occupations. A study launched this week conducted among immigrant women in 5 EU countries clearly identifies how access to IT is critical to improving social and economic status and helping to find a job.
375 women pursuing NGO e-Skills training programs in Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Hungary & Romania were interviewed. The study revealed the strong correlation between e-skills and employability and the important role of NGOs providing training as well as free or low-cost access to PCs. The research was undertaken as part of the Microsoft Unlimited Potential longstanding commitment to investing in e-skills development in Europe through NGO partnerships and community training initiatives to reach those underserved by technology. A short video of the study can be viewed below.

Immigrant Women Realise their Potential
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http://www.e-aptitudini.ro/default.aspx portal puts the incentive on upgrading skills! An initiative launched during the European eSkills Week by Junior Achievement Romania and Microsoft to match the demand for eSkills trainings against available educational resources!

 E-skills are not just an enabler for success. E-skills are now an integral means of accessing any piece of information or service from any location; for schools to companies and from work to social life. 
E-aptitudini is an open platform that matches the eSkills training needed by young people and citizens with the training and educational offers available.  During the eSkills Week the portal was recognised as an example of a practical and concrete tool to address the eSkills deficit!   The key output of the e-aptitudini consortium is the development of a fully functional matching portal that will inform Romanians about relevant  IT-related courses and incentivize them to undertake training programmes for their level of competence.
I am happy that Junior Achievement Romania is part of this project as we are working with students, teachers and parents alike and ICT is part of our success and  access to information in all areas.
From rural areas to the urban developed towns, from primary schools to businesses, e-Skills have started to be not only useful, but relevant! To provide such a tool and to facilitate access to it was simple due to the partnership with Microsoft and the support provided. It’s about changing people’s lives for good and for better…. Since the launch 1019 people have already registered for training courses, 32 educational content providers are listed and over 15 000 Romanians have used the site!


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